Birkenstock and Chacos

Heyyy Readers!

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I’ve recently gave into the Birkenstock and Chaco obsession and purchased these bad boys. Okay, well technically my sweet boyfriend bought the Chacos but that’s besides the point. My point is the love I have for them! I’ve always had my eye on Chacos because I love the outdoorsy look to them and how comfortable and well fitted they are to feet of any size…like my long skinny feet and my sisters wide chubby feet. They aren’t just perfect for bummy days to school or Walmart runs like what I  mainly use mine for since my schools location is out in the country where there is only fields but also for hiking and using as water shoes when your swimming in a lake or etc. It’s a perfect blend of cuteness (they offer a variety of colors and designs), comfortably, and durability. Def a great and perfect investment if you live for the outdoor life or even if you don’t and just want to give in on the trend! Now while I was visiting my parents in Germany I purchased some *Made In Germany* shoes called Birkenstocks which I’ve seen taking a rise in street style. Now at first I will admit I hated on these shoes I thought they were so ugly and would not understand why my friends were buying these left and right but one day my eye spotted these adorable pearly-white cross toed Birks and I could not resist to try them on. I slide my feet in and It felt like heaven. Now when my friends had told me these were comfortable I didn’t think anything of it but BOY were these like clouds on my feet and ya girl is always down for comfy fashion!

Chacos: ZX/ 2 Classic, Limerick Nectar, $105

Birkenstock: Mayari Antique Lace Birko-Flor, $94.95


Love Ya Long Time,

Natalie Porter



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