Fish Pedicure


This past summer I took a trip with my boyfriend, mother, and sister to Bulgaria. After soaking up some sun and swimming in the Black Sea for a little while we decided to stroll through the market. We grabbed some yummy döners and did some shopping. I spotted one of the many Fish Pedicure spas throughout the market and finally gathered enough balls to actually stop at one and check it out.. The most sanitary looking one at that because the last thing you want is a bad infection.

I’ve only ever seen one of these Fish Spas in Greece a couple years back so I knew they were hard to come by. I took advantage of the oppurtunity and cheap currency there and did it. I made everyone go first who were all just as hesitant since I was the one to drag them into this. They all had the same reactions; they laughed and relaxed.  It was now my turn… The man asked me to remove my shoes while he washed my feet with soap and water at a cleaning station. He then slid on some disposable plastic slippers and guided me to my tub of fishies next to my boyfriend. I lifted my leg over the tub staring at the fishies who were swarming under where my foot was hovering above from the water.  I started freaking out a little at the sight cause these arent the cutest fish ever and my leg literally began to tremble.  My boyfriend grabbed it and was pushing it in the water while I tried resisting… I gave in and my trembling leg plopped into the warm water. I looked away and buried my face in my boyfriend’s shoulder for the first couple of seconds. I dont really know why but for some reason I just felt these fish were gonna nibble too hard n start eating me like a Piranha. As one leg went in I could feel the fish going to town on my leg and foot.

It felt like a tingling/vibrating sensation and yes it is a little bit ticklish at first but it then began to feel relaxing. I put my other foot in and by now I was finally calm.  I sat and watched them nibble my dead skin away for 20 mins.The results were amazing! When our time was up with these little doctor fishes our feet and calves were as smooth as a baby bottom. Yes, this is on the list of weirdest things I have ever done but it’s just another thing to cross off my list on stuff I actually accomplished. I do recommend giving this a try if the oppurtunity is there because it’s not something you come across too often, especially in the United States.

Facts on this Spa treatment: The fish are called Garra Rufa or Doctor Fish. They are toothless and remove calluses and dead skin from feet and legs. There has been studies showing that these fish have provided relief from conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. You should not take part in this is you have any open wounds or cuts, you are a diabetic, have a compromised immune system (Aids, cancer, and etc. ), and if you are of advanced age. This treatment is banned in 10 states due to a risk in bacterial infections.  The pricing for this spa treatment  in the states can range from $45-$100 but in Bulgaria I paid like $15 due to the low currency there. All these facts were found Here !

Is this too •Fishy• to try or will you give it a shot?! Comment your answer below!

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Love Ya Long Time,

Natalie Porter



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