The ABCs for Upcoming College Freshman


A. Appreciate your family time when you get the chance and everything they do for you no matter how much they are going to bug you while you are at school.

B. Books. Just be ready for these babies to drain your pockets! Best advice rent your books from (Bookrenter, Chegg, Amazon, and etc.)

C. College isnt cheap! You are or your family is paying for you to be there so remember everytime you are skipping that class that is just money going down the drain.

D. Dorms suck, but are also a great way of making new friends at your school. Also a fun way to really express yourself and decorate your side of the room to fit you. Just get ready for the not so comfy bed and be sure you get shower shoes since your bathroom situation is gonna switch up.


E. Enjoy these college days! Go to the sports games, go to parties when you get the chance, go to free show/concert/dinner your school is giving you

F. Forget the high school drama and haters that have been taunting you for these last 4 years. Its your chance now to start fresh!

G. Go Greek or at least give it a try. It’s a opputunity to help you meet so many new friends who can give you life-time friendships and connections after college.

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H. Happiness is important and so is staying happy because 44% of American college students report having symptoms of depression. So if you ever feel down go talk to a close friend or your schools therapist which most schools offer sessions for free. These stats were found Here

I. Intramurals is a great to get active, have fun, and make some new friends. If you played a sport in high school and still have that desire to keep playing I suggest joining an intramural team is the best idea to keep your competitive spirit satisfied.

J. Job, try and get one it will teach to value money and everything you spend it on. Also help you out on not being that broke college kid and maybe help pay off those student loans if you save it for after graduation.

K. Knowledge is what you came to college to gain so just remember that.

L. Library is gonna be your second home during finals week and most likely a place you’ll hang around through out the school year.

M. Money is something you probably won’t have when you find your self eating ramen everyday.

N. Naps, major key!

O. Organization is key to staying on top of your school work and grades especially when you start juggling school, work, internships, clubs and organizations, and etc. you’ll start to find your schedule to get a bit hectic.



P. Parties what’s a college without them? Enjoy yourself but always be safe and get ready to hear some weird themed and see/do stuff you prob wish you hadn’t.

Q. Quiet hours are a serious thing and you should try your hardest to respect them before you have your RA knocking at your door.

R. Restless nights will happen when your cramming for that exam or when your going out to those parties every day.

S. Stayin fit is important because the Freshman 15 is very real my friends.

T. Time-management something you’ll quickly learn is a great characteristic and a much needed one.

U. Upper classmen make friends with them and learn from them.

V. Volunteer because that’s never a bad idea. You’ll get extra brownie points having that on your resume and you’ll make some great connections and friends.

W. Wal-mart the holy grail of finding anything you want or need at all hours and at an affordable price.

X. Xtracurricular activites are always a go to if you find yourself with some time on your hands. There are clubs for everything, greek life, intramurals, and more. So go out and get involved!

Y. Y not do Spring Break? You only have 4 years to live up (or more for those superseniors) your young and wild days so go out and venture the world with friends and make memories you won’t forget.


Z. Zero regrets!

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Love Ya Long Time,

Natalie Porter



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